Open mat class for sparring, kata practice and any other training


Starting on Saturday 26th April, we will be running an open mat session at the Grays dojo (Belmont Village Hall). Map

This will primarily be a sparring based class but students can also attend to do other training too. E.g. Kata and/or bunkai practice, grading syllabus practice, pad work.

Unlike our regular classes, there will be no set session plan set by the instructor, just 2 areas to train; one for sparring practice, the other for anything else. There would of course be a sensei in the class to provide coaching when needed and to run the clock for sparring rounds but other than that you would be free to train as you wish.

The class will run for 1 hour, (12pm-1pm) with the regular class starting slightly earlier (10am-11.30am).

Free for Gold members and just £5 for Bronze/Silver members.
No age or grade limits, anyone can attend.

This class will run on a trial basis for one month on the following dates:

Saturday 26th April

Saturday 3rd May

Saturday 10th May

Saturday 17th May

If it is well attended throughout these sessions then we will make it a permanent class.

Any questions please call me on 07899 827 476 or leave a comment below.


Sensei Richard Hang Hong


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