img-2Designed for students 13 years and older. Seitou Ryu is a complete art. The deeper concepts and meanings of the techniques of classical karate do are taught beyond the usual “block/punch”.

We teach the history, culture, and language that make up the art of karate-do.

Everyone has their own reasons for training and we will assist you to meet your needs. Whether it be getting into better shape, relieving stress, learning self-defence or just satisfying the desire to learn karate that has been present since childhood.

To enable one to master the art of karate-do one has to study, analyse, adapt and apply the following principles:





img-3At Seitou Ryu we strive to master both the mental and physical aspects of karate-do. Seitou Ryu does not separate the mental and physical aspects of karate training, it practically teaches how any part of the human body can be used as a vital or lethal weapon, how the human body can be built up into the most complex weapons system imaginable and the variety of ways that these natural weapons can be used for self defence or the defence of others against almost any attack while at the same time it teaches the absolute importance of discipline, respect and humility.

To master both the physical and mental aspects of karate-do one has to maintain a strict daily training program. Always remember that true karate-do cannot be learned in a day, a month or even a year, it is a lifelong commitment.

The lifelong dedication needed for true mastery of the art of karate-do is not only realised after years of uncompromising physical training and conditioning, it is realised when the physical training and conditioning of the body is evenly balanced with the philosophical absorption of the mind into the system of training.