Children’s Karate program and benefits

img-2We are extremely proud of the success of our children’s karate programs. We feel very strongly about the positive effects that a quality martial arts program can have on a child. Unfortunately, a black belt does not qualify a person in moulding a child’s character or personality.  A martial arts instructor (or any person dealing with children), must not only be well versed in their respective art, but be equally competent in child and human behavioural psychologies.

Teaching children is very different to teaching adults. Children have a different “language” than adults do and have much less life experience resources to draw upon in decision making. Therefore, just as the martial arts’ instructor must understand the terminology and history of their art, so must he/she understand the language and mindset of those he/she is teaching.

All children recognise physical strength and power. They do not yet comprehend the “strength” of a good education or proper morals.  At Seitou Ryu, Karate is utilised as a means to teach certain underlying principles necessary to help children learn to develop themselves into strong, morally minded adults. Couple this with strong karate basics and we img-3have the next generation of karate “masters”.

There are many benefits of training

Our reward systems will improve a child’s self-esteem. Because the students are allowed to progress individually, our program excels over team sports where many children never share in the limelight. Our belt rank system allows the student to display and re-affirm their accomplishments daily while learning to set higher goals.Parents appreciate the level of discipline that their children develop through our program.  Our classes emphasise the need for correct behaviour and the importance of a positive attitude, whether it is in the dojo, home or school.With each technique comes responsibility and accountability. After a very short time, children begin to understand they alone are responsible for their actions and that they, and not others, are in control of the outcomes.

Our classes help children to better focus and stay on task. One definition of focus is to have a clear perception or understanding. This means children must be involved in not only the learning process but also in the teaching process.

Instead of just “telling” the children what they need to do, they are encouraged to provide the answers from their own understanding. In this way, children define their own “truth” and in return they do their best to prove themselves right.


Children with learning problems learn to concentrate better and expand their concentration skills with continued karate training.Children with hyper activity syndromes learn to better channel their aggression. Doctors

and psychologists very often prescribe a good sound karate program to help children learn to focus their energy in a positive manner.Confidence is one of the most important traits for children to have, especially when dealing with negative peer pressure. Confidence will empower a child with the ability to make proper moral judgments. Our students develop confidence through appropriate praise, positive critique and attainment of goals.

Confidence building drills and performance of techniques helps replace shyness with assertiveness. Confidence in a child is like a delicate flower and must be nurtured and cared for daily. On the other hand, a child will make mistakes and must be allowed the chance to correct those mistakes on their own.

In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly necessary to posses practical and proven self-defence methods. Our classes emphasise the prevention of a confrontation. However, there is an appropriate time to take a stand. It is at those times that a child deserves the best possible training and techniques to ensure his or her safety. With continued supervised practice, the child develops the necessary skills and courage to react appropriately to danger.