GKC Global Seminar By The Sea 2024

Sensei Richard & Sensei Martin attended the GKC Global Gasshuku Seminar By-The-Sea in Carlsbad, California on 26-28 April.

The event was well attended, with over 70 karateka from across the USA, Canada, England, Scotland and Europe training together for 3 days, and with several members also testing and being awarded Dan grades from Shodan to Rokudan. Congratulations to all who passed.

Thank you to Sensei Paul & Michelle Enfield for the incredible event and valuable knowledge and experience shared. We look forward to the next one.


L-R: GKC Global Founders Sensei Paul Enfield & Sensei Michelle Vanderlinden-Enfield, and SRK attendees Sensei Richard Hang Hong, Sensei Martin Lawrence