Occasionally we hear some really nice things said about us from our students, parents and even other clubs. Have a read below of some of the things that people say about Seitou Ryu Karate.

If you’ve had a positive experience with us and would like to say a few words, please email your testimonial to us here.


Testimonials from our members


“Just wanted to say thank you for all the time, effort and support that the Sensei’s put in to develop and help shape our children. He has attended many after school clubs and never stuck to anything, until now!  When my lad started- he was very shy, quiet & didn’t attempt to play sports as he said he wasn’t very good at anything. Sadly, he was also being bullied. Myself and others have noticed a huge change within him, his confidence, his attitude and his coordination has changed drastically which has now encouraged him to start playing football and get stuck in with any sport. Most of all, he has the confidence to stick up for himself. His made new friends and his so passionate about something that doesn’t involve a computer or sitting around on his backside. His doing so well that I decided it was time for me to join in the fun and improve upon myself.”

Hayley Carter, South Ockendon Dojo. December 2015


“Just to say thank you my son James-Tonderai when he first came to your club was impatient lacked confidence in any sport, he also would not listen or follow in group activity. The change I see in him now is partly thanks to the school and your hard work.

Thank you for being an inspiration to my son.

Many many thanks,


Thelma Kazingizi-Needham, North Crescent Primary After-School Club, Wickford. June 2014


“I have been training for over a year and I really enjoy the classes. Sensei Richard really pushes all his students to work at their best every lesson and his explanations are clear, his knowledge in Karate is vast and the lessons are really enjoyable. Sensei Mick always makes the class enjoyable and he is always ready to answer questions and explains things really well. The other students in the class are a great mix of people who have made me feel welcomed from the day I started which is another reason I enjoy my training.”

Helen Papandreopoulos, South Ockendon Dojo. November 2012


“For about 3 years, from the age of ten, I studied Wado Ryu karate. I remember really enjoying it, but as a typical teenager, got bored and gave up! I have always had a sport as a hobby which has given me great motivation to keep fit. Over the last couple of years, I have joined gyms, but found it hard to keep motivated and this year I thought about taking up karate again. I decided on this for 2 reasons, to meet new people/ make friends, and to become fitter again! My first lesson as an adult was very daunting. It had been over 20 years since I had trained and standing there in a tracksuit made me feel the odd one out. I didn’t feel this way for long though as everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The instructors always have time for you, and support you in your goals but are constantly pushing you so you get the most out of your training. Since joining Seitou Ryu in March, I have made some brilliant friends, become more confident in certain aspects of my life, become fitter, more focussed and definitely have the Karate Buzz back again  🙂 ”

Claire Gillman, South Ockendon Dojo. November 2012


“I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being patient, for giving me your time, and for sharing with me what you know. I started my studies at another club, but it was with you and Seitou Ryu I truly learn’t the crux of my martial ability. Fledgling as it is, it’s carried me through some pretty trying times; physically, mentally and in a sense, emotionally. My Do-gi was very much the chrysalis in which I grew into the person I am today; able to defend myself, and confident enough to be kind. I think people overlook their martial arts instructors when they consider personal development, but Karate really changed me, and truly, I have you to thank for a large part of that. So again, Thank you Sensei.”

Michael Ball, Wickford Dojo, November 2012


“Sensei Richard has been my son’s karate instructor since 2007 and has coached him to the grade of brown belt in that time. Several other family members also train with Sensei Richard and are achieving great results. He puts 100% into the coaching of his students and is a great motivator.”

Georgina Gale, Grays Dojo. April 2011


“I first started training with Sensei Richard in 2003 when I was 15 and helped me to progress up to black belt. He laid down the foundations which I now still train with. He is a great instructor, offers some great ideas and helps you to improve up the levels regardless of your ability. He eat, sleeps and breaths karate so always has the answers you are looking for and thinks outside the box to help others understand the fundamentals.”

Emmie Brown. Former student. June 2011



Testimonials from others


“Hi Richard,

I just thought it prudent on your grading weekend to tell you that I both admire and respect the journey that you’ve taken, and the people whom you’ve sought out for your own progression. You’ve remained consistent in your outlook and integrity, and progressed both your own personal knowledge and the standard of your association, which I believe already ranks up there with the best of them. You don’t rule with ego, you inspire by example, and there are very few out there doing that. I enjoy seeing your updates, and will enjoy seeing your association move from strength to strength. Many people spout pseudo samurai bulll***t and call it “etiquette” in an attempt to prevent people seeing them for what they are, empty vessels, but you sir truly embody the honourable principles of Budo. May your growth and expansion continue my friend.”

Graham Wendes, Goju Ryu Karate. July 2012


“Richard always was professional and a good mentor to his students. 100% recommended.”

Scott Patterson, Raw Combat. November 2011


“I have liased with Richard at martial arts seminars, and competitions, run by him. I have found him to be extremely capable, personable, and very professional, in all my dealings with him.”

Ozel Osman, Okami Martial Arts. June 2011


“Richard is an extremely dedicated individual who has worked hard to raise the level of Karate instruction both locally and nationally.”

Tony Booker, Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Longfield Polyclinic. May 2011


“Richard is very determined and committed to making things happen. And importantly makes sure it is fun for all involved.”

Steve Dennis, Artist, Velopaint. May 2011


“I’ve know Richard for a few years now, and have always found him friendly, honest and trustworthy. He operates a chain of martial arts schools in South Essex, and I’m sure he will continue to build on these foundations.”

Carl Reader, Partner, Dennis & Turnbull Chartered Accountants & Business Consultants. April 2011


“I have met Richard Hang Hong first in 2007 and know him as an extraordinary martial arts player and teacher who always has the benefit of his students as first priority, treating them in a superior manner. His knowledge of his art are above any doubt. On many occasions when we met in the UK or in Germany he has proven his dedication. In my position as CEO of the Munich Hall of Honour I had the honour to present him with awards two times in 2008 and 2009 for his excellence as an international instructor of his art and induct him to this prestigiouse Hall of Fame.  As a result of all this I had the honour to become friends with him, his family and many of his students.”

Gregor Huss, President, Chief Instructor, Self Defense Germany Federation e.V. April 2011


“As a black belt in goju ryu karate myself, I have trained alongside Richard many times over the last five years and know him to be a dedicated teacher and enthusiastic student.  He strives to provide the best quality training for his students and continually seeks out other instructors and styles to challenge and improve his syllabus and methodology. He likes to stay on top of all the current developments in martial arts, as well as maintaining the forward momentum of his personal training, which is vital for the best instructors. He is softly spoken and patient when teaching, but also able to hold his own in the more physical aspects of the dojo.”

Jo Shaer, Lollipop Local Ltd. April 2011


“I have known Richard for several years now and consider him to be a competent and industrious martial arts instructor. He continues to make his martial arts a study and is often attending seminars etc. to improve his knowledge and skills, which is then, in turn, passed onto his students. He has not rested on his achievements which inspires his students to make further improvements with their own studies.”

Albie O’Connor, Sessen Ryu Karate. April 2011