Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

To all of our students, friends, families we wish you all a very Happy New Year!

All SRK dojos reopen from next week!

Monday: South Ockendon with Sensei Kim 

Tuesday: Wickford with Sensei Richard & Sensei Martin

Wednesday: West Thurrock with Sensei Mick

Thursday: Wickford with Sensei Richard & Sensei Martin

Friday: South Ockendon with Sensei Richard & Sensei Kim

Saturday: Grays with Sensei Richard

I’m sure you’re all itching to get back in the dojo and burn off those calories from your Christmas and New Year celebrations, I know I really need too with the amount of cake, chocolate and sweets you guys gave me!

The first week of classes will be geared to getting back on track with your fitness so be prepared, bring a drink and a towel and whatever you do DON’T MISS IT!!!

As usual, all Bronze and Silver members get some bonus lessons to use throughout January. Bronze members get 2 extra classes to use anytime throughout January, Silver members get 4 extra classes. Any missed lessons that would normally have been carried over from December are replaced by these bonus lessons.

Event dates will be going up here and on the iCloud calendar soon and we’ll be setting up many of the Facebook event pages too so be sure to note them down and respond to any invites coming your way.

See you in the dojo next week!

Sensei Richard Hang Hong