Our project is now complete and our dojos now have 200 brand new training mats. It’s been a long journey and our club members and parents worked particularly hard riding 40 miles through all of our dojos to help raise the £2,280 needed to buy the mats.

We reached our target on 25th July 2013 and had to go through quite a long process for getting the mats ordered and shipped from China. They finally arrived at the port in Felixstowe where we picked them up and delivered them to the Wickford and South Ockendon dojos on 19th September.


Samuel Parker & Katy Bromfield helped deliver the mats to all the dojos.
Here’s the first 100 delivered to the Wickford Dojo


That’s a lot of mats at South Ockendon Dojo! 2.5 metres high! (Katy is 5’4″)


It didn’t take the students long to get stuck in with the new mats, as you can see they’ve been put to good use already!


Students from South Ockendon dojo putting the mats to a good first use with a hard and sweaty training session!


Students at the Grays dojo warming up for a session on the mats on Saturday morning

We’re working on a little video which will be released soon but in the meantime, we’d like to thank everyone who was involved in and donated to our fundraising project, and we’d like to make a special mention to the following people who made significant donations.

Aaron Cray, Adrian Long, Andrew Herring, Angie Watson, Charles Lambert, Chris Shepherd, Damien Kingsley-Tomkins, David Ali, Dawn Shepherd, Nathan Barnett, Hayley Wingrove, Iain Abernethy, Ian Burberry, Ilana Brink, James Lockhart, Jane & John Lawrence,  Kaizen Ryu Karate, Kurt Collins, Maggie Nicol, Mark Chessher, Mark Williamson, Michéle Hang Hong, Mick Simmonds, Members of the Royal British Legion South Ockendon, Richard Hang Hong, Roy Waterhouse, Simon Harker, Steve Dennis, Susan Humphreys, Tadas Pilka, Veronica Hicks, Yamin Mustafa.


From all the club members of Seitou Ryu Karate and the participants of the Inter-Dojo Bike Ride

Richard Hang Hong, Caroline Hang Hong, Alvin Shaw, Alfie Thompson, Charles Lambert, Charlie Meggs, Connor Frost, Damien McMahon, Danny Fear, Emma Ludkins, Helen Papandreopoulos, Jacquie Frost, Jack Fry, Jaiye Akinosho, Jessica Flatman, Kim Mandy, Kylie Mandy, Marc Jordan, Martin Lawrence, Megan Homer, Mick Simmonds, Mike Homer, Peter Thompson, Ronnie Thompson, Samuel Parker, Sarah Homer,  Tatum Mandy, Tommy Ludkins, Zoe Nolan


Riders of the 2013 Inter-Dojo Bike Ride after their 39 mile long journey through all the Seitou Ryu Karate dojos