We are pleased to announce that after searching for more suppliers for the mats in an effort to to get a better price, we had a stroke of luck and found a supplier that has the mats we wanted at a much lower price. So much so that when we have reached our target, we will be able to buy DOUBLE the amount of mats! Yes! That’s 200 mats we’re going to be ordering once we reach our target!
This means that South Ockendon and Grays dojos will now get matted out in the next few weeks.

“So why not just get 100 mats?”
The mats are being imported from overseas (hence the lower cost) and have to be collected by freight courier. Our long term goal has always been to get each of our dojos matted so now we are able to achieve this goal much earlier than planned.

We still need to reach our target as the total cost of the mats including freight costs is £2,286 (£6 more than our original target) so please keep sending in your sponsorship for all the riders who took part in the Inter-Dojo Bike Ride last Saturday by clicking the link below or in your local class.