SRK Gasshuku Summer Camp 2023
A fantastic weekend of training and strengthening bonds with likeminded karateka. The Gasshuku Summer Camp was a huge success.
101 students and parents attended the camp over the 3.5 days, with some superb sessions delivered by the camp instructors, demonstrating that we have more in common than we do have differences.
  • Sensei Richard Hang Hong (SRK)
  • Sensei Caroline Hang Hong (SRK)
  • Sensei Martin Lawrence (SRK)
  • Sensei Tony Dean (Ishinryu Karate)
  • Sensei Laila Al-Minyawi (Daigaku Karate Kai)
  • Sensei Garry Lever (Karate Collective)
All of whom left everyone craving for more knowledge and wisdom from their sessions.
Friendships were built on the dojo floor, on the fields and by the roaring campfire. Congratulations and commiserations were had as students experienced successes and failures in the grading tests with an 88% pass rate ranging from 6th kyu to Shodan.
Memories were created across the weekend, culminating with an emotional speech from Sensei Richard on Sunday who spoke about why this camp was such a special one and the meaning of the tribute t-shirt.
Thank you to everyone who took part and made it such a great experience. Photos will be up soon and the video documentary from the Budo Collective team will be posted as soon as it’s ready.
See you all at the Winter Gasshuku on 25-26 November.