South Ockendon classes will be resuming at the regular location at the Royal British Legion from Friday 6th February and as thanks for being so incredibly patient and general fantastic during the last few weeks whilst we’ve had hall difficulties, we are giving all students who normally train at South Ockendon dojo a free upgrade to Gold membership for the whole of February.

This means that the students named below have unlimited training for a whole month as well as up to 25% discount on club events and equipment. If you missed out on any classes due to the venue changes the lessons will have rolled over for use in February and we hope that you take full advantage of the unlimited classes that are now available to you as well at no extra cost.

Yours in karate

Sensei Richard Hang Hong

South Ockendon students

J Akinosho
J Arnell
L Baker
E Berry
A Bloomfield
G Bruce
C Chambers
K Clifford
M Costello
J Davies
D Davis
E Davis
R Davis
E Davidge
J Denford
R Fetahu
H Gaittens
C Gillman
J Green
M Homer
H Howard
M Jomantas
S Jomantaite
H Jones
E Ludkins
T Ludkins
C Mandy
K Mandy
T Mandy
K Margittai
K Margittai
L Margittai
R Margittai
D Mateias
A McDonagh
J McKellow
N Morris
A Mouton
M Neill
G Okunola
H Papandreopoulos
S Parker
T Pickford
M Pilka
N Ramjee
P Ramjee
A Risk
C Risk
G Risk
A Read
D Sadra
A Shaw
I Sode
S Sode
J Stimpson
K Tsang
K Wilton
B Wiseman
B Wiseman
N Woghiren