Instructor Profile


Sensei Caroline Hang Hong

4th Dan

Tai Chi Instructor


Grading History

Shodan-Ho – Kenshukai (2004)

Shodan/1st Dan – Seitou Ryu (2006)

Nidan/2nd Dan – Seitou Ryu (2014)

Nidan/2nd Dan – Goju Ryu Karatedo Seiwakai (2015)

Nidan/2nd Dan – Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) Goju Kai (2015)

Sandan/3rd Dan – Seitou Ryu (2018)

Sandan/3rd Dan – Goju Ryu Karatedo Seiwakai (2018)

Sandan/3rd Dan – Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) Goju Kai (2018)

Tai Chi Instructor – Shi Kon Martial Arts (2021)

Yondan/4th Dan – Seitou Ryu (2023)

Training History

Sensei Caroline took up karate in 2000 as a single woman living in the heart of South London wanting to learn some self-defence. She started training under Bijal Wadher at the Kenshukai Herne Hill dojo.

After several months of training, Sensei Caroline took up a full-time position at the club and became the instructor at the South Wimbledon Dojo, and later West Norwood. It was here that she first met and worked with Sensei Richard.

After 18 months Sensei Caroline left the employ of the club and continued her karate training under the direct tutelage of Sensei Richard.

From then to 2007 Sensei Caroline was an instructor at the Wickford dojo which became one of the best attended in the club.

In 2004 Sensei Caroline achieved the grading of Shodan-ho in Kenshukai and eventually went on to achieve Shodan in 2006 in Seitou Ryu.

Sensei Caroline and Sensei Richard were married and had their first child; Amelia in 2007, and then Phoebe was born in 2011. During this time she put her training and teaching on hold to raise their daughters.

In January 2013 Sensei Caroline enthusiastically resumed training and is proud to have achieved Nidan in Seitou Ryu in July 2014 followed just a year later by also grading to Nidan in Japan in Goju Ryu Karatedo Seiwakai and JKF Goju Kai.

Sensei Caroline co-runs many of  the karate classes with Sensei Richard and she also runs the SRK Shi Kon Tai Chi classes on Saturdays.


DBS Checked (enhanced disclosure)

Professional Indemnity Insurance

First Aid trained & certified – Sport Essex

2017 – Qualified as a Silver Level Fit2Fite Instructor

2016 – Certified Fit2Fite Instructor

2007 – Level 1 Coach – City & Guilds (Classic Coaching)

2005 – Recognised Instructor and Grading Examiner by NAKMAS



2008 – Continued Excellence in Martial Arts – Munich Hall of Fame

2003 – Most Motivating Instructor Award – Kenshukai Annual Awards