• Squad members should be at all training sessions 15-20 minutes prior to the start time.
  • Squad specific training sessions and club events are compulsory for all squad members.
  • Association events are compulsory for A Squad members. B Squad can attend if they wish.
  • Fitness is essential for high performance so A Squad members are required to attend Fit2Fite on Saturday mornings or have a suitable alternative in place that is approved by the head coach.


  • Squad tracksuits and t-shirt must be worn to every competition. Jackets should be worn to classes and events. It is the squad member’s responsibility to ensure they are suitably dressed and bring the correct clothing and equipment to all training sessions and competitions.
  • Kata training: Heavyweight gi (lightweight gi is fine for B squad members who don’t have one).
  • Kumite training: Lightweight gi bottoms, club or squad t-shirt, full kumite kit, trainers.


  • B Squad members should attend at least 3 external competitions during the season. It is recommended that they attend as many as possible to build up experience and skills.
  • A Squad members should attend all external competitions unless it cannot be avoided in order to maintain ring/competition sharpness.
  • A Squad members must be placing (1st-3rd) at every competition. If they fail to place in 3 consecutive competitions, they may be moved to B Squad at the head coaches discretion. To be promoted back into A Squad, they must place (1st-3rd) in 3 consecutive competitions.
  • Entry to bigger competitions (i.e. National and International) will be by selection only. This includes both A and B Squad members. This is to ensure that those who enter have the highest chance of placing and maintaining a successful track record.

Attendance & Team Support

  • A maximum of 2 compulsory events can be missed each season IF a valid reason is provided and notice is given. If more than 2 are missed, even if valid reasons are provided, then the member’s place on the squad will be reconsidered.
  • If a squad member is injured or unwell, it is expected that (unless they are severely ill or it in unadvisable to be around others) they still attend training sessions to watch and take notes and attend competitions to provide support for the rest of the squad.
  • IMPORTANT! Squad members are expected to stay for the duration of each competition that they attend. Permission to leave early must be arranged in advance and a valid reason provided.

Expected attitude & behaviour of all squad members

  • A positive attitude and atmosphere is important to success and team unity. Members who repeatedly display negative attitudes, poor sportsmanship/behaviour, or act in a way that either brings a negative atmosphere into the team or shows a lack of support for the rest of the team in training and competitions may result in their place being reconsidered, opportunities to compete being reduced and the member may potentially be dropped from the squad.

Additional Information

Squad members will receive discounts on equipment for competitions as well as select club events

Dependent on available funding access via the Seitou Ryu Foundation for Achievement in Sport, squad members will receive assistance with training fees and event entry fees.

At the end of each season, the squad will be rewarded with a day trip out courtesy of the Seitou Ryu Foundation for Achievement in Sport (depending on available funds)