Instructor Profile

James Lockhart

2nd Dan Seitou Ryu

1st Dan Shorin Ryu

Grading History

Junior Shodan/1st Dan – Seitou Ryu (2012)

Nidan/2nd Dan – Seitou Ryu (2016)

Shodan/1st Dan – Shorin Ryu (2017)

Training History

James started training at the age of 6 at Kenshukai Karate club as his parents wanted him to take up karate for the sport and discipline benefits. It didn’t take him long to get the bug and soon he began to thoroughly enjoy the training and of course, the many benefits that came along with it. Initially training under Sensei Caroline Hang Hong, he followed his instructor in 2005 to Seitou Ryu where he continued his training for many years.

In the year leading to his black belt test, as part of his training, he started to assist in the junior classes and expected to stop shortly after successfully passing his test. But James enjoyed teaching so much that he decided to stay on and continues to help and inspire many of the junior students at his local dojo.

In 2015 James left Essex to attend the University of Kent but continues to train in karate at the university club, gaining his shodan in Shorin Ryu in 2017. Whenever James is home, he always makes time to train at his Seitou Ryu dojo with Sensei Richard.


2015 – Student of The Decade – SRK 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

2015 – Dedication to Karate (10 Years training) – SRK 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

2008 – Junior Student Of The Year


Competition Achievements

James competed briefly but achieved some success both in the SRK competitions and as a member of the National Squad which included competing overseas in Germany in one of the squad’s first international tournaments. As a seasoned competitor, James uses his experience as a tournament official at the SRK Open Championships as a head judge and referee and also at the tournaments organised by the University club and affiliates.